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Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Nothing is as distressing to an active athlete as sustaining an injury to the knee, hip, elbow or shoulder. These parts of the body play a vital role in an athlete's ability to participate and compete in active sports, so if you have an injury, you may be sidelined until your injury heals.

Fortunately, the Texas Orthopedic Hospital provides specialized treatment that focuses on dealing with sports injuries and musculoskeletal trauma. This goes a long way in helping athletes get back on the field quickly.

About Texas Orthopedic Hospital

The Texas Orthopedic Hospital is a one-stop medical center that offers high quality, specialized orthopedic care to patients with musculoskeletal injuries. Launched in 1995, the hospital has been serving residents of Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas for over two decades.

This healthcare facility positions itself as one of the few Houston orthopedic hospitals that provide expert care, conveniently within one building. Moreover, it houses internationally recognized orthopedic surgeons and physicians registered with the Fondren Orthopedic Group. With that said, it is not surprising that the Texas Orthopedic Hospital is widely regarded as the best orthopedic hospital not only in Houston, but also in the entire nation.

In terms of treatment, the Texas Orthopedic Hospital uses the latest methods and techniques that revolve around the wellness, mobility and speedy recovery of all our patients. Our physicians provide personalized care and attention to the patient’s needs, ensuring they receive appropriate treatment.

Furthermore, the hospital has invested heavily in research and technology to ensure our highly efficient services continuously deliver positive outcomes. What’s more is that all our treatment methods are minimally invasive. This means we only recommend surgery as the last resort to handle severe injuries.

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