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The Straight Spine Safe Spine™ Foundation has been established to create awareness, advocacy, education and prevention of incorrect opioid use and abuse. The foundation will accomplish this by providing information and guidance to organizations, training of health-care professionals and the education of patients.

The organizations will include state and federal decision making agencies, health-care societies, as well as any entity that would find a non-narcotic way of treating all musculoskeletal pain beneficial to society.

The training of health-care professionals will include physicians, physical therapists and trainers through education by way of newsletters, lectures and courses, as well as finding ways to integrate the teaching of the “diagnosis before treatment” method into the curriculum of medical providers.

The education of patients will be accomplished by the dissemination of the Little Back Book, the Straight Spine Safe Spine website, newsletters, as well as an ongoing lecture series which will provide patients with the most current information.

“We need to start treating pain as a symptom rather than a diagnosis.”
Uday Doctor, M.D.

  • Texas Orthopedic Hospital
  • Fondern orthopedic group LLP
  • Spine Interventional Society