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  • Frequently Asked Questions – Hip pain versus back pain

    1) How do you diagnose whether the pain that I have in my hip is coming from my hip or my back?

    Using a continuous x-ray machine, I place an anesthetic inside of the hip joint. I then let you walk around over the next ten to fifteen minutes while the inside of the hip is numb. If you notice that your hip pain is gone, we now know that the pain was coming from the hip. If you still have pain, I know that the pain is likely coming from the lumbar spine. If the pain in the hip area is not gone, I will go ahead and put the local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication on the nerve in the lumbar spine that goes to the hip. If the hip pain goes away immediately after doing that, I know that the hip pain is actually coming from the lumbar spine.

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  • Several important facts: Hip or Groin Pain

    Hip arthritis almost always creates pain in the groin. If you do not have groin pain, but have pain in the buttock or the side of the hip, the cause of your pain is almost always due to a herniated disc irritating a nerve or the hole where the nerve leaves the spine is narrowed and, therefore, pinching the nerve.

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  • My Hip Hurts – is it my back or my hip?

    Hip pain is a common problem that I see on a daily basis. It can be very confusing to many people because of where they think their hip is located and where the hip creates pain when it is inflamed. The hip joint is actually located in the area of your groin and creates pain in the groin and down the thigh to the knee. It is NOT located in the buttock.

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  • Sitting Too Much Can Endanger Your Life!

    At SpineCare, we advocate for less sitting for long periods of time, possibly standing up for a few minutes every thirty minutes or so because sitting is a terrible position for the spine. Sitting with the head down, which all of us do way too much, creates a lot of stress on the spine and the discs. Now a new study shows it is just plain bad for your health to sit for long periods of time! Either stand up and walk around every 30 minutes or use a standing desk.

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